Mcgill’s Candlesticks

   “The candlesticks and sculptures herald an era of high post-industrialism. The basic structural elements- gears, springs, shafts and bearings- are the hidden yet vital mechanisms of the technology which drives contemporary civilization. Similarly, cells and organic molecules are the unseen yet essential constituents that govern the function and sensuality of the human being. Most of these precisely machined parts could not be fabricated even in the most lavishly equipped fine arts department. Yet as industrial scrap, they fetch only pennies per pound; more commonly, such items will come to rest for spans of geologic time in the substrata of our vast landfills. During their earlier and intended lifetime, these candlestick elements ran the automobiles and machines which we drive and operate every day. Their motion is now actual and suggestive- these gears, which turned countless revolutions translating into millions of miles, now serve as tactile and visual fetishes.

   In creating these pieces, Mr. McGill displays a fascination with form, reusability and function. In labeling these sculptures candlesticks, the artist appeals to the public’s propensity to acquire something functional rather than purely aesthetic, thus ensuring the economic viability of his creations. And underlying the obvious nuances of form, one might detect more sublime undertones of inspiration and relevance. One notices the artist’s disenchantment with the profligate consumption and pretension that so often seems to define our society, yet he tempers these anxieties with playful enthusiasm.

   Many of the gears and bearings still spin and click. Polish and shine replace the corrosion and grime of worn out, thrown away parts. Visitors are encouraged to touch and play with the pieces, a refreshing change from the typical somber gallery seriousness”

-- Marc Salak, Cactus and Succulent Journal


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